People are the backbone of every company and recruiting the right people is always a pillar of success. It's a people business and we're commited to the people.

What is Video Recruit

Video Recruit is an online web service that allows recruiters/employers to invite their candidates to record an automated, yet spontaneous, video interview. The candidate answers questions prepared in advance by yourself. As the candidates do not know the questions in advance, nor can they redo their answers, the spontaneous videos give a deep insight into the candidates during the first screening. With no scheduling challenges and the ability to view the videos anytime and anywhere, our clients have found the tool to deliver significant time and cost savings, besides increasing the speed and quality of hire.

Why Video Recruit

Too many CVs with too few insights. Scheduling hassles. Valuable time lost in face-to-face interviews with candidates clearly identified as incompatible from the first hello. Video Recruit skips the pitfalls, allowing you to focus your attention on the right candidates from the get-go – no more time wasted.

Rapidly identify best-fit candidates from a large candidate pool. Focus your time only on those candidates that have what it takes. No longer necessary to give your undivided attention to the wrong candidate for the rest of an interview… just for the sake of being polite!

No more time spent contemplating or debating which CVs to take through to the next round of face-to-face or telephone interviews. With the convenience and affordability of Video Recruit, you can easily and efficiently review ALL applicants to guarantee the best candidates are selected.

Prepare the questions you would like to ask – be they related to expertise, language skills or personality – then just wait until the unrehearsed, unrevised responses from your candidates are completed. With Video Recruit, the candidate cannot stop, pause, redo or review their video responses, so you get an immediate and accurate insight into a candidate’s true character, competencies and communication skills.

Consider candidates from anywhere in the world – with no additional cost. No need to travel or schedule interviews across multiple time zones. With just one click in your internet browser, you can review all your candidates – any time and any place – be it in the office, in the comfort of your own home, or while waiting for your flight at the airport.

All your candidates get the same questions, same instructions and same time limits – eliminating situational bias. They record their interview at a time and location of their own choice. Gone are the costs and challenges of getting away from work to attend fruitless first interviews. With Video Recruit your candidates know that an invitation to a face-to-face interview means they have already been selected amongst the high-potentials – and this only within a few days after having sent in their application.

Video Recruit harnesses the power of new technologies to improve the recruiting process – and provides all the benefits as an easy and accessible online service. No need for any upfront investment, and you can be up and running within 24 hours on a portal customized to your own brand.

How to use it

4 easy steps to painless and effective recruitment:
• Prepare your questions
• Send email invitations to your candidates (set a deadline to ensure you get your responses on time)
• Your candidates record their spontaneous answers through Video Recruit’s automated interviewing solution
• Screen your videos anytime, anywhere

Your candidates only need access to a computer with an internet connection, a webcam, and a microphone.