People are the backbone of every company and recruiting the right people is always a pillar of success. It's a people business and we're commited to the people.


The success of a company is always based on the success of it's people. We contribute to our clients’ success by bringing the right people together.
There is no one-fits-all solution in this area and therefore LYDON WELLS applies a flexible approach to meet our clients’ specific needs and requirements.

Our unmatched networking methodology is one of our core critical success factors that enables us to provide our clients with thriving and innovative solutions as well as excellent candidates for almost any role.

One of our strengths is finding young and motivated professionals with the right set of technical skills and experience, appropriate social competences, specific language skills and most important, the right attitude for any market and most industries.

Even though every market has its own difficulties in finding the right people, our consultants have a relevant background and can judge if a candidate brings the right set of competences. As such we have worked for reputable clients from different markets and industries and various clients engage LYDON WELLS consitently in a variety of complex and urgent searches throughout Europe.

A speciality is that LYDON WELLS applies executive search standards and procedures as well for talent recruitment (non-executives starting from graduates).

Most important for us is still, each search must result in a success for both our clients and our candidates. Because we know, that only the right match will bring the best possible motivation for our candidates regarding their future challenges. Success is all about motivation, people and attitude.

Our biggest value is that we do only direct search without the use of databases but only on the basis of recommendations and references. That's why most of our candidates do not think of changing their job until we actively approach them and hence our candidates are not the ones having their CV published at every job portal.

We do not sell people, we bring them together and make sure that they are a mutual fit!