People are the backbone of every company and recruiting the right people is always a pillar of success. It's a people business and we're commited to the people.


Our candidates are the pillar of our success and the backbone of LYDON WELLS in the field of recruitment. We understand the importance of finding the right match. Not only for our clients but as well for our candidates.

LYDON WELLS strongly believes in developing and maintaining a partnership with candidates throughout their career, creating a relationship that goes beyond the initial placement.

We focus on development of each candidate which allows us to provide services throughout a candidate’s career from their first assignment up to their pinnacle of their assignment.

We execute in depth analysis of a candidate’s status quo and future opportunities. We give recommendations for both future assignments and skill development.

Our service portfolio covers therefore the different phases of someone’s career.

For freshouts and people with little professional experience we established "LYDON WELLS Campus" in order to help them with their professional career just from the start.
It is a well accepted principle in quality management, that the earlier you control quality, the higher your future output will be. We believe in the established educational systems, but we also see complementary, practical knowledge that should be applied as early as possible to have the right start of a career.
We do 180° feedback sessions, help candidates to understand their skills and maybe weaknesses better and explain ways to improve their presentation skills.

All services for candidates are absolutely free of charge, no matter how much time we have to spend or if we place them on an open position or not.

Of course we don't sell or provide 3rd parties with our Candidate's data or CVs. It will be used only internally unless the candidate gives us the permission to forward it to our client. Everything between our candiadate and us will stay confidential. We know how sensitive this topic is.

LYDON WELLS: We care about people!