About us

LYDON WELLS is a boutique top European full-service consulting company, helping clients to achieve their goals by combining the highest standards with local and cross-border expertise in the fields of Recruitment, HR Consulting and Management Consulting.

In delivering the very best service to clients across Europe, we strive to be at the forefront in our markets.

Our ambition to be Europe’s premier full-service recruitment and consulting company underlines as well our business strategy: steady investment in managing knowledge, networking, information, people and creating a process oriented working environment.
This enables our consultants and researchers to offer stable and high standards of client service.

Trans-European practice is the basis of our growing success in the industry. That’s why our staff serves our clients internationally and locally. Our working practices also require our consultants and advisors to be either native or fully integrated in the regions where they are based or work for in order to serve our commitments to each region and our clients.

Our expertise overcomes local borders as our clients’ interests do the same. All our clients have access to the comprehensive expertise and networks of our consultants and advisors, wherever they are based. This practice ensures our clients to receive a cross-border service out of only one reliable hand – fast and efficiently.

Our competetive advantage is amongst others that we're able to adapt very fast to our cusomer's needs and are hereby able to help them just when the need occures.
Through lean processes we keep our total cost structure comparatively low and processing time short, which gives additional benefits to our clients.

LYDON WELLS is exceptionally distinguished by unmatched experience in the eastern European arena. Especially our capability to provide our services to, in and from Europe’s emerging markets has an outstanding track record.
Hence we are known for unusual effectiveness in helping clients accomplish their objectives in or out of environments others find intimidating and unfamiliar.

LYDON WELLS: Take the advantage of a comprehensive full-service expertise!