Project-based support in operational and strategical HR tasks enables our customers to grow, develop and adapt sustainably in respect of their organizational maturity.


Mergers, downsizing, change of market and business. There are reasons why companies on the one hand can not attract a deserving employee anymore and on the other hand simply do not have an adequate mission anymore where the individual can contribute to the company's success.

Tough Situation - solution on the horizon

Facing such a situation is tough for both, the company as well as the employee.
A planned, openly discussed and supporting outplacement process can ease the hardness of such a situation.

Mental accompainment, mounting for new career orientation, preparing for hiring processes.

A professional outsourcing process is a proper measure to reduce the tense when it comes to a tough people call and minimizes the possible harm to the remaining employees as well as to public opinion.

LYDON WELLS offers individual and group-outplacement as well as ePlacement.