Project-based support in operational and strategical HR tasks enables our customers to grow, develop and adapt sustainably in respect of their organizational maturity.


Our HR Toolset consists of operational and strategical activities usually referred to as HR processes.

Companies grow, change, specifiy or diversify. New processes must be implemented or processes used so far must be adapted or abandoned.
The organizational development must reflect the direct needs of a company.

Project-based we can provde knowledge and expertise and support your organization to achieve sustainable development by implementing state-of-the-art HR tools such as:

* Evaluating the job profiles of a company to define job descriptions - a powerful tool to assess new hirings, set performance goals and start succession planning.

* Setting up a hierarchy structure that not just reflects the organizations actual situation but also sets sail for future success in a probably changed environment.

* Creating a competetive remuneration and benefit system that attracts talent from outside and offers factors for intrinsic motivation of all employee levels.

* Designing an onboarding process including accompanying materials that provides a well-appointed start for new employees.

All activites will be created to fit the individual requirements of our clients.