Project-based support in operational and strategical HR tasks enables our customers to grow, develop and adapt sustainably in respect of their organizational maturity.


LYDON WELLS is adding value to its client's organization and the individuals working in it - sustainable, cost-efficient and measurable.

Set Goal - Make Plan - Execute - Evaluate

Our road to our client's success follows a proven roadmap. Together with our client we define the desired results, we create plans to achieve them, we execute the planned measures and throughout the process we are evaluating the results as well as the process steps.

Outsourcing - we will take full ownership, responsibility and accountability for HR processes our client wants to source out.

Training & Development - we offer training measures customized for the special needs of the trainees as well as the development and implementation of an entire Personal Development System for our client's staff or individuals.

Assessment Center - we provide corporations with significant data for the selection of qualified individuals internally as well as externally.

Psychological testing - a set of instruments to assess and measure cognitive and emotional functioning of an individual and organizational units. The results can be used for development systems, cultural and change processes.

Corporate Health Management - an organizational set of tasks to assure employees health and their performance resources as well as to increase their identification with the employer.

Outplacement - we support employees with which you agreed on going separate ways to plan their further career. This has a positive influence on your organizational culture as well as it supports the leaving employee(s) in a critical life phase.

LYDON WELLS: We do what we know best!